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Spain's importance as a destination for international meetings has increased notably in recent years. It is now among the top destinations in international sector rankings. Thanks to its exceptional climate, conferences can be held all year round. Neither should we forget Spain's excellent communications: 33 international airports and a modern network of roads and high speed trains.
The history of Spain is a compendium of influences from the different cultures that have lived in the country. The first settlers were the Celts and the Iberians. Commercial and cultural contact with high Mediterranean civilisations was held with the Phoenicians and Greeks. Both civilisations were taken over by the Carthaginians and Romans, respectively. The Roman presence in Hispania lasted for centuries.
Spain is one of the world's most visited tourist destinations every year, and has a wide range of all kinds of accommodation to choose from: luxury hotels, castles and palaces, campsites, etc. The quality of Spanish hotels is internationally renowned. You'll find everything from simple accommodation through to the most luxurious hotels.
You'll be able to discover the exquisite and typical dishes of each area, the famous miniature canapés known as 'pintxos', some of the best wines in the world, and an avant-garde cuisine. They present the regional cuisine from all over the country, they tell you how to prepare particular recipes, where to find traditional markets, places to enjoy Spanish gastronomy...
Top international brands and designers; trendy,creative, traditional and deluxe fashions; exclusive brands, major chains and the latest in cool design. Enjoy your favorite fashions to the full with a day’s shopping in Spain. You will discover that there are many cities with famous designer shops, major shopping areas and modern, attractive options.
Great cities that are famous all over the world, inland destinations steeped in charm, maritime towns to enjoy activities by the sea, a host of places to explore... Spain has a total of 52 provinces, and each one is unique thanks to its geographic situation, distinctive climate and natural environment.