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Turkey is one of the top ten destinations in the world, according to number of visitors. In 2013 Turkey attracted more than 39.7 million foreign tourists, ranking as the 6th most popular tourist destination in the world. Turkey has also become a popular destination for culture, spa, and health care tourism. Turkey is one of the amazing paradise for sun and sea lovers. This may surely be the highlight of Turkey vacation the unique Mediterranean climate and beautiful nature of Turkey allows almost 6 months of summertime in southern parts.
Turkey is much the same as an open air museum thanks to its magnificent heritage comprised of historical and cultural monuments and sites built everywhere in Anatolia since the ancient times. Anatolia is the birthplace of many civilizations, empires, historic figures and legends. One of the oldest known human inhabited areas is in Catalhoyuk, Konya dating back to 6500 BC. Old city Istanbul, Ephesus (Temple of Artemis) Izmir, Nemrut Mountain, Troy Ancient City, Selimiye Mosque Edirne, Hierapolis Pamukkale, Ksantos & Letoon Fethiye, Pergamon Izmir, the ruined cities and landscapes of Cappadocia and the cave church of St.Peter are among some of the countless important sites to visit in your Turkey vacation.
Diversity is richness. You will meet East and West together in Turkey, which has the combined characteristics of the two continents: Europe and Asia. Turkey’s population is a diverse mixture of many different ethnic origins and that shows when you visit different regions of the country. Each region has different traditions, their own arts, music and folklore, and even their eating habits are totally unique to the region. Even though they all pride themselves in being Turks, this multicultural environment adds great richness to the country. You will not be a foreigner in Turkey because a mosaic of cultures has been embedded in Turkish culture.
One of the most precious and diverse treasures of Turkey is, of course, the Turkish cuisine. The variety offered by this magnificent heritage of flavors which evolved over the centuries with the blending of the culinary cultures of many communities and civilizations is limitless. Thousands of unique delicacies and specialties ranging from meat dishes to cold dishes with olive oil, from sorbets to spices are waiting to be served to guests from all over the world.
Turkey is one of the world's great shopping destinations which has a wide range of shopping experiences; historical bazaars, local markets, designer boutiques and shopping malls. Located at a historic trade crossroads linking to the Silk Road, the country has been a shopper's paradise for centuries, offering everything from hand woven Turkish carpets and kilims to jewellery, antiques, Iznik ceramics and a growing number of famous designer brands. Every major city in Turkey will usually have a modern shopping mall, offering a mix of global brands and domestic labels. Today, more than 300 modern shopping malls spread all over Turkey offer quality products in addition to entertainment opportunities. Most of these malls open 7 days a week from 10:00 to 22:00, are big enough to offer all sorts of brands at one location.